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ANITA STANHOPE (RIP) - 1950-2009

A minha amiga ANITA STANHOPE faleceu no dia 9 DEZ 2009 vitima de problemas cardiacos.
Uma amiga construiu-lhe um memorial em:
Conheci-a no fickr e estabeleci amizade a partir daí...
Aqui está o profile dela:
Self taught artist. Born in Atlanta , Georgia, USA.
Grew up in Macon, Georgia.
I have one grown son.
Married my current husband in 2001 and now I
live on Florida's Gulf Coast.

I also have an invitation only group that is private and now and then I invite some people that I think have a special gift of seeing beyond the obvious. When you look at something and are thinking about how the light reflects on it, or how many shades of blue you see, you probably have IT!
I am super busy but I do try to invite people often.

I do appreciate being invited to groups and all that and I would join them all but I don't have enough time to do all the requirements as a member so if I don't join please don't be offended. I am overwhelmed at the moment trying to do comments and all that. If I haven't commented, I will get to you eventually. I still need some time for painting and sleeping.

For digital art, I use Corel Painter X, Paint Shop Pro, Twisted Brush, Photoshop CS, and once in a while others.

For traditional art, I love watercolors, oils, and others sometimes. I am very creative using all sorts of materials.
If you want to use my pictures for something, please let me know first. Some of the portraits may need permission from the person also. Thanks!

View my DNA at bighugelabs.com

Thank you to everyone who makes comments on my work, invites me to groups, etc. It is a little overwhelming at times so if I haven't personally responded to you yet, please be patient. I do appreciate you so much.

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